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How I’m voting in the Upcoming Texas Republican Primary


I thought I might as well say who I’m voting for and give a short reason why to help others confused about the smaller statewide and local races know who to vote for. There are some folks I’m voting for that I’m really excited about and others I’m only voting for since they’re the best option. So without further to do I give you my ballot.

1. U.S. Senate

Congressman Steve Stockman – Stockman is the only guy other then Dwayne Stovall who has a shot at defeating Cornyn. I personally disagree with Stovall’s more libertarian approach.

2. Governor

Attorney General Greg Abbott – This ones easy, I’m not a Abbott fan, but he will be another Perry and that’s okay. I just wish we could do better.

3. Lieutenant Governor

Senator Dan Patrick – Dan Patrick was my old state senator great guy, but I have never liked his establishment feel. Yet he is still the most morally upright candidate and the most socially and fiscally conservative guy on the ballot. I was originally voting for Jerry Patterson.

4. Attorney General

Senator Ken Paxton – This is a no-brainer,  Ken is a conservative that has suffered for standing up for his beliefs. He has been a great State Senator receiving some of the highest scores on several conservative scorecards.


Senator Glenn Hegar – While Glenn was not known for his fiscal Conservatism during the last  session he was a powerful force behind HB2. The reality is unless you want Debra Medina (who I thought left Texas after she lost her governor’s race) and who supported Joe Straus. Glenn is your best option.

6. Land Commissioner

David Watts - David is a home-school dad and I know his family personally. He is running against the newest edition to the Bush political dynasty, George P. Bush. This is a simple decision for me. Political hack or home-school dad?

7. Agricultural Commissioner

Sid Miller – I actually don’t know a lot about Sid Miller. The main reason I’m voting for him is because Texas Right to Life has endorsed him and as far as I know he was a good State Representative.

8. Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian – This also is a no-brainer, Wayne when he was on the Texas House floor was a incredible conservative voice and has taken hits for a being a conservative. He is a tested principled conservative voice.

9. Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice

Nathan Hecht - Voting for him primarily because of his endorsement by Texans for Fiscal Responsiblity.

10. Supreme Court Place 6

Jeff Brown – Voting for Jeff Brown because of the Texas Right to Life endorsement.

11. Supreme Court Place 8

Phil Johnson – Voting for Phil because of his Texas Homeschool Coalition and Texas Right to life endorsement.

12. Texas Senate District 25

Donna Campbell – Now I must say Donna has not impressed me with her performance, the only reason she gets my vote is because her two opponents are worse then her.

13. Texas State House District 121

Matt Beebe – As somebody working on Matt’s campaign I think it is a very important race to watch, because if we can take out Straus in the primary It will give us a new Texas Speaker of the House

DSC_0224 copy

Hope and Change: A Call to this Generation

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About two years ago I was hit hard by life. My dad decided it was time to move on. I was living in Houston at the time and I was left wondering what to do. The questions of whether it was my fault haunt me to this day. It’s a pain that stays with you and turns into anger when people expect you to do the impossible while they are requiring the ordinary of themselves. It was at this time of my life I was faced with two options. I could sit in my house and pout about how the world seemed out to get me or go and change it. It was at this time I saw the poor and helpless for the first time. I saw the murder of the unborn as genocide for the first time. I saw a church shooting itself in the foot with its apathy lack of passion. I asked myself is there hope, and if there was, could I even hope to make a difference? God gave me answers to my questions. He told me I’ve given you breathe, use it to turn the world upside down. The world will hate you and your own friends will criticize you, but you will be about my business. It was that day I decided I would do something. I never looked back. I have never let the status quo be since that day.

40 Days for Life was something that I got involved in after a friend of mine at breakfast challenged a group of us to go out to an abortion clinic. Most of us had never been. It was the first time I was ever emerged into a battle where lives are being snuffed out before your very eyes. It is a sobering experience. I attempted to get more involved but my parents’ divorce was not final so hearings kept requiring me to go to Houston.

It was not too long after that I discovered the judge in the family court back in Houston decided that homeschooling was not a legitimate form of education and that my dad should put my siblings in public school. I could just accept the violation of rights or I could fight it. I chose to fight. I began a petition and was able to get over a couple thousand emails sent to the Judge urging her to reconsider her decision. Tim Lambert of Texas Home School Coalition wrote the judge and there was a change.org petition was shared across the world. A little under 2,500 signatures came in before I closed the petition. It became a success when the judge recognized homeschooling as a legitimate education option after she received thousands of emails and a couple dozen calls.

I then became swamped with emails of people who were encouraged by my efforts and would still fight to be able to home school. I even got an email where one woman said she was inspired to home school her kids because of what I did. All it took was one high school student to stand up and not accept the status quo. People underestimate youth. They have low expectations of them. If just one person goes against the flow it will at the least leave an impact that affects future generations.

One of the next things I did was follow Jason Vaughn around the Capitol for about two weeks. We were working to help push the Texas pro-life bill through, HB2. After watching the first bill die in the first special session there was a great push when Governor Perry called a second special session. Tons of protesters showed up at the Capitol for the next couple of weeks.

Media was crucial for the pro-life group out at the Capitol. There were a handful of us equipped with cameras to record and catch the opposition acting unethically. If nobody was out there using social media tools and getting the footage, people would not know what was going on in the Capitol. Jason Vaughn the guy I was helping out, got Hail Satan trending worldwide on Twitter when several videos of people shouting “hail satan” were produced during the session. Everything that happened only happened because a handful worked overtime to make it happen. If those folks were not there the goings on in the Texas Capitol could be a lot different. The bill may have died because of all the negative media attention and lack of respect for the politically incorrect viewpoint.



So what am I saying? We need young people to rise up and speak up for their generation. We need 20-somethings with their free time standing for truth. Because if not them, then who will? We live in an exciting time where before us where we have the responsibility to stop an agenda that intends to turn America into a godless socialist wasteland. You don’t have to have connections, great leadership potential, and communication skills. God doesn’t need your talents; He just wants you to be willing to offer yourself to Him as a vessel to use. My story is a testimony of how God chose to use a kid from a broken home who was told his whole life that he was worthless and ineffective. That he would never succeed. That he should be content with his quality of life. It’s a story of how he said no and resolved to do something to fight for justice. That story can be your story if you are just willing to look at the world around you with a different pair of eyes. If we had an army of young people that were willing to fight for the unborn, the widow, and the orphan then if that army was only a 100 strong, I believe that a difference can be made. The only thing that is stopping us is you not getting involved. This generation is in a crucial time in history if we do not defend the Judeo-Christian principles that this nation was founded on we head towards a fall much like Rome’s. If we rise up there is still hope that we can spark a revival to stop the downward spiral into darkness. It can only happen if you are willing to serve. It’s time for you to lead the escape, to light the path, and make known the present danger. Everybody talks about hope and change, let’s be the generation that actually makes these things a reality.


The fight against LGBT Agenda in San Antonio

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Diego BernalWith the recent public bashing of San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan for her stance on the new gay discrimination statute, one could say things are getting heated up in San Antonio politics. The problem is that so much of the current debate is not about discrimination of gays, but about hidden agendas. The powers that be claim that the new statute does not ban Christians and anyone who opposes gay agenda, from running for city council or obtain city contracts. If that is the case then the current law was fine. San Antonio forbade its citizens from discriminating against gays in the current law; it does not however provide for the serious consequences that the new statute puts in place.

Diego Bernal the author, has been pushing for the new statute in San Antonio for the past two months. He was asked during a council meeting if there was any evidence that homosexuals are being discriminated against by being asked to leave public places etc. Diego could not provide the evidence of discrimination under the current law protects homosexuals. What Diego came out and said was that the language against gays was “vile venom” as his evidence of discrimination. So the real goal of the statute is to make sure people cannot speak against the LGBT community. If that is not a violation of free speech, I don’t know what is.

It is time for San Antonians to unite and fight this new agenda that is attacking our city. If the people will not stand up for their rights now, then they will be taken away one by one. You can see a video of Diego Bernal that I made for Texas Freedom PAC exposing the agenda behind the new city ordinance.


Victory for Life in Austin


Last night in the Texas legislator, history was made. In a state where abortion was first legalized, Texas conservatives have passed one of the most pro-life bills into law since Roe vs. Wade. It has been a grueling battle between paid full time Planned Parenthood protesters and the smaller crowd of pro-life volunteers who even at the threat of violence came to stand for what they believe in, life.

I have been here since the session began and have witnessed evil with mine own eyes. But God has honored our efforts and has granted us the victory because He honors life. This is Texas, and Texas has spoken for the unborn. I have said it before and I will say it again. We are patriots like those of old on the front line defending the constitutional rights of the unborn. But it’s time we say thank you to the people that sacrificed so much to stand for life.

To the Governor that has called two special sessions for life, I thank you. To the legislators who have supported this bill, I thank you. To the people who came and endured persecution from pro-choice protesters, I thank you. To the mother wearing blue who brang her kids and stood in line for 10 hours to get into the gallery to ensure the legislators knew what her family supported, I thank you. To the organizers of the pro-life rallies and events who sacrificially gave of their time and never gave up, I thank you. To the man who left his work to come and defend the unborn, I thank you. I thank all that came to stand for life. Your dedication and sacrifice have played a crucial part in the passing of House Bill 2.

So where do we go from here? We press on to higher mountains and higher goals. Life is a battle and battles are not won in down time. We must always be vigilant and not let our guard down. History was made last night. We can make history tonight if we are only willing to think outside ourselves and focus on a larger goal.

Who is Pro-Choice America?

40 days for life, abortion, Babies, christians, family, government, maturity, San Antonio

Beauty-Is-in-the-Street-001Being at the Capitol for the past few days has given me a in depth view of the pro-choice supporters. One of the slogans that I have seen frequently used by many at the Texas Capitol is a poster that is origins from a violent 1968 French protest. While not all Planned Parenthood supporters are violent I have seen a vast majority of them with quite offensive materials pointed at Texas Legislators and pro-life protesters. The fact that they came at the end of the pro-life rally on Monday night and began shouting and chanting trying to drown out the band playing on the Capitol steps should speak wonders about the attitude of this group of people.

The history of the poster pictured to the left is the slogan that people of the pro-choice movement translated in English to “Beauty is in the Street”. This was the leading poster and motto from the student riots in Paris, France in 1968. They were a massive group of Marxist communists that wanted to violently protest the government. The object above the woman’s head is a a brick being thrown. The protests were violent and the use of this slogan was representing the worship of the violence of the protest.

Today, pro-choice protesters proudly flaunt this poster translated into English, which can only mean they want a violent protest and from the footage and photographs I have been taken the desire of the destruction of the foundational principles of due process. IMG_8749

This is pro-choice America. Violent Marxists that want to have the right to murder their children. This is not America, this is not the America our founders wanted. This, this is the evil of Nazi Germany and the USSR making itself known here in America. Where are the righteous? We must rise against evil. We must stand firm on our watch. Ronald Reagan said ” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We must stop this pro-death culture from instating their Marxism in our government. We need a revival in this land. The politics of our nation are a reflection of our society. Our society needs Jesus. Please stand against evil.IMG_9356

James Bianchi's son bashful after shouting "I love you" to the pro-abort protesters.

Loving Our Enemies

40 days for life, abortion, Babies, maturity, politics, San Antonio

When I look at my companions’ and fellow co-workers I don’t just see familiar faces, but the faces of patriots like those of old outnumbered and worn, fighting a uphill battle in the face of staunch opposition. Standing for the unborn is serious job that requires those that believe in life to put in long hours. It taxes upon a person’s strength because evil does not sleep. I have had minimal sleep, and have not ceased to work an almost 24/7 schedule to defend life.


Sometimes I do look at my co-workers and wonder why am I killing myself over this? Why am I fighting so hard against a foe so big and abusive like Planned Parenthood? Why do I take endless photographs and walk among angry protesters and listen to people calling me a sexist bastard and illogical fool? Why do take the insults and threats that are sent in hateful passion by pro-choicers? I’ll tell you why. Because I serve a God greater than Planned Parenthood and a God so big that He can’t stoop to their level. I stand for those who can’t speak because it is right. I stand for those who can’t speak because if not me who will stop murder?


Today in front of the Texas House doors after House Bill 2 passed to the Senate, I saw a father and a son and the father told his young boy to tell the screaming and chanting pro-choice protestors to say “I love you”. That little boy shouted and his voice rang clear among the shouting. He was heard, and was ignored because truth is meaningless to those that want convenience over it. That young boy voiced a message that while we hate abortion and the effects that it has on our society. We do not hate the people supporting it. Our passion is life and to protect all human life.


My challenge to you is to tell a pro-choicer wherever you are and regardless of who they are. Tell them that you love them. Love is the only thing that is more powerful then hate. We need to overcome hate with love. I can guarantee you that even though the people yelling at the Reps walking out of the house heard that little boy and will be responsible for the hate that they inflict on others knowing the attitude of those that stand for life.


So go and overcome darkness with light, hate with love, and Satan with Jesus. We need patriots and Christians alike to fight the good fight and stand for life in the Texas Senate and Senate Bill 1. I challenge you to show love whether it be correctional, disciplinary, and parental love to show that love to those that want to murder their children. The world needs answers and we have them. Go let that answer be heard.


Update on the Fight for Life in Austin

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The past few days have proven to be the most exhausting and challenging days of my life. The late nights and intense work environment begin to take its toll upon those championing for life. But we are still for that very reason alone, life. If were not for these modern day patriots no one would stand for life and the status quo would reign supreme. That has not happen though, because right now men of valor and principle are voting and standing for the unborn in the Texas legislature.

Thomas Umstattd Jr. has been valiant in his live-stream broadcast at lettexasspeak.com over the past few days and having powerful Texas voices speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. This effort though has not gone unnoticed by the media or those that call us their enemy. But what I want to point out about our opposition is that while the environment  has been intense it has not been by the advances of pro-lifers. I witnessed with my own eyes pro-lifers embracing a more outspoken women to hold and and sing with them. It may not be easy, but we strive love the women that our out here in opposition to house bill 2.

We are here because we stand for life. We love children and we want the government to protect their rights. We openly embrace those that are on the other side. We believe in life and in defending it at all cost. This is who we represent and the reason we do what we are doing.




Let Texas Speak on Let Texas Speak

Stand For Life!

40 days for life, abortion, Babies, christians, family, politics, San Antonio

The past few days have been the beginning of a fight in the Texas legislature of unborn children’s right to see the light of day. It has awakened me to the harsh reality of people promoting the murder of innocent children. The things that I have seen in the past few days are so horrific that I would never want to speak of them because of their sick nature. Yet I know that I must so that people know what evil is and will realize that we must rise up opposing it.

I have seen a 70 year old woman shaking before a mob of angry primarily white protesters booing and threatening her. I have seen women with fake blood streaming down the inside of their thighs bragging they just had their own abortion. I have seen people with aprons drenched in fake blood offering cheap late term abortions. I have seen people singing and chanting “hail satan” inside the Texas capitol. I have seen children being pushed and shoved by adults because they stand for life. I have seen good and evil at war these past few days. It says in

Ephesians 6:12

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

We are not only fighting a legal battle at the Texas capitol right now but a great spiritual battle is raging before us and we need to have troops on all fronts. We need prayer warriors, protesters, legislators, and children to do their part wherever they are. You can do your part and no job is unimportant or too small.

We desperately need people to rise up. It is time for your voice to be heard. I’m sure you have a voice in some way; it’s time for you to use it in defense of those who can’t speak for themselves. When we disregard life we lose the meaning to live. There could not be a more important time to speak because millions have been murdered on our watch and it is our duty to speak. Please consider coming and standing and attending the upcoming rallies this week.

Yesterday was the celebration of our nation’s birthday. Our founding fathers were the first patriots and those who rise to stand for life will be the patriots of today. It is important to remember that about third of Americans were for independence about a third sat the war out and a third were for staying with England. So from our nation’s founding we were not all on the same page that is why we have a constitutional republic not a democracy. Those who stand with us will be in my book the John Hancock’s, the Benjamin Franklin’s, the George Washington’s, and John Adam’s of our day. They will be the men and women that stood in the gap and defended what was right and were willing to suffer the consequences. I salute you those who are standing and those will stand this upcoming week as patriots and freedom fighters of the Republic of Texas, The United States of America, and of Jesus Christ our Lord the sole author of our salvation. Stand for Life!

You can follow me on twitter @AndrewDK95  to keep up to date with the Texas Capitol activities.

Speaking at the Capitol.


Partial Success!


Please realize the the courts forbid my parents to reveal details of this case. I do know this, the final orders now allow the possibility of homeschooling. Thank you so much for your prayers. I believe the efforts of the people here is what changed the judge’s final order. However, the judge is still requiring us to move to Houston. Please still pray for that issue which was not been resolved.

All I can say is that by the Grace of God and you, the people, kept a total violation of authority from happening. I know that results are not 100 percent amazing, but you spoke out and the judge heard and began to fear. These are the moments we need to have more often in our form of government. The people need speak up for what is right. We the people are the only force that ultimately keeps the government in check. Benjamin Franklin when asked by a American what form of government they gave the people, he responded. “A republic, if you can keep it.”

I am so grateful for each and everyone of you who wrote and called in. Without your efforts we could have been another victim that slipped through cracks. It only takes one unjust judgement for a system to be corrupt. Please continue to pray for the forced move. I wish I could reveal more information about why I believe it is wrong, but the family code forbids it in Texas. Please know that the battle is still not over, but the tides have turned. I know it may sound cliche, but thank you so much. You are the reason that this judge thought twice about her actions.

Thank you so much

In Christ Alone,